Eric D. Schmid

Investigative Journalist

Alicia Steel sitting with her son's service dog. A sunset in Wyoming. An underground cave in southern missouri Joey Logano celebrates a victory in the Illinois 300 NASCAR race.

Eric Schmid is a multimedia journalist based in St. Louis with over five years of experience in print-, digital-, and audio-focused newsrooms. He has demonstrated success developing strong continuing news coverage and producing large scale reporting projects both independently and as part of a team. This includes advanced skill with source building, story pitching, public records, long-term coverage planning, interviewing, and audio editing/mixing.

Eric's experience spans breaking and hard news to enterprise and investigative features and his work has appeared in Grist, Marketplace, NPR, Undark Magazine, and other publications. He gravitates toward complicated and nuanced stories and he enjoys the challenge of distilling large swaths of information into cohesive, intriguing, and concise stories. Eric can cover many topics, though his enterprise work regularly focuses on stories about the environment, and economics.

Eric joined St. Louis Public Radio in June 2019 as their first ever Metro East Reporter, tasked with expanding and developing the station’s coverage of suburban St. Louis communities in Illinois east, of the Mississippi River. In June 2022, he was promoted to cover economic development across St. Louis, a region of 2.8 million people.

Before joining St. Louis Public Radio, Eric held internships at Fox News Channel, NPR member station WSHU Public Radio, and AccuWeather. He graduated from Stony Brook University as the valedictorian of the School of Journalism.

Lead image by Brian Muñoz. All other photography on this page by Eric Schmid.